H E Y, W E D D I N G P L A N N E R, I S E E Y O U!

I see your passion and all your potential. 

But right now, you’re feeling all alone and it stinks!


It’s time to stop feeling like you have to do it all by yourself!



It feels like you’ve tried everything to get your business going.


  • read all the articles
  • followed all the elite wedding planners in your local area
  • watched all the YouTube videos
  • posted all the questions inside Facebook groups
  • listened to all the podcasts

But you’re still finding that you're spending way too much time working in your business instead of working on your business. You feel like you're in a current state of stalemate. You’re doing all the things, but the results are painfully slow. You’re feeling alone and defeated with how your wedding planner business is limping along, lifeless and in need of some mega CPR.

Look, friend. You’re working way too hard to just spin your wheels, agonizing over the wedding planner business you wish you had. 

I know because I was once there too! Things didn't work out for months and years because I was trying to do it all by myself. 

I’m here to tell you the truth...


Only rookies try to DIY it all alone.

With the right wedding coach by your side, you can:

  • Get an easy-to-implement plan so you can pivot your business with forward momentum.
  • Immediately stop feeling overwhelmed or anxious about how to spend your time for the best possible ROI.
  • Finally get expert advice so you can stop second guessing your business-savvy self.  
  • Break free from those feelings of inadequacy so you can be brave and bold in front of clients.

Would your wedding business situation be different if you didn’t have to do it all alone? 

If you’re ready to try something new.....

The DIY, go-it-alone, “I can do it all myself” approach just hasn't worked. And let's face it...if you're here, you're ready to try something new!



A go-all-out approach to getting you back on course so your business can thrive.

I’m here to help you get your power back with my signature 1:1 Power Coaching Session!

Say no more, I’m in!

With my tailor-made support, you’ll learn how to incorporate strategies and tools that will change your business trajectory.


One-Time Payment


Your one-on-one will include:

  • One 60-minute session
  • Action plan
  • Resources
  • Encouragement
  • (Bonus) 2-week follow-up email



This is your one-way ticket to end all confusion and self-doubt when it comes to growing your wedding planning company. Inside this 1:1 session, we’re going to take a deep dive into what’s got you stuck in business so you can move forward with avalanche speed.


Next, we’re going to create a strategy so you can implement and execute your next moves and get back on track with laser focus. Our action plan will be broken down into baby steps. This way it’s easy to digest and helps to build your confidence back up.


After our meeting is over, I’m going to send you my best resource to help you reach your goal even faster. This could include one of my shop products, a free guide, or a relevant outside resource. This resource will be dependent upon your immediate need to help get you over your hurdles. 


Walk away from our session feeling empowered and ready to take on the world. Sometimes all we need is an outlet to get out of our heads and talk things through with someone qualified. My job is to encourage you on this journey so you can take challenges by the horns and slay them with ease.

PLUS This Bonus:


Let’s fully optimize your experience with a two-week follow-up on your progress. I don’t want you to feel like you're left in the lurch once our session is done. I’m invested in your future, so it’s important for me to see how you’re progressing with the action plan we made. This is your time to tell me about your experience thus far, and we’ll discuss if we need to adjust our plan.

My Follow-up Buildup Email helps you succeed, making it easier than ever to overcome any challenges or roadblocks that arise in our process.


If you’re ready to get your wedding planner business back on track, then my 1:1 Power Coaching Session was MADE for you.

Are you trying to DIY one of these things?

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? You pick the topic and you'll get to work.

This is only for wedding planners who are sick and tired of dealing with these issues by themselves:


If you started your business without any real goals in mind, you might be struggling with the ole’ shiny object syndrome. Goals help you stay focused and give you direction. They are vital to your business and you need them to keep you grounded. I can help you create business goals that are relevant and strategy driven.


You need a little extra push to get your business off the ground. You have questions about insurance, pricing, operations, and so much more, but you’re tired of staggering from one article to another, hoping to find the holy grail of information. I’m a pro at helping aspiring wedding owners create an action plan to follow within a short timeframe.


Are you struggling to stand out in a sea of other wedding planning companies? Branding will help you attract your ideal client, and it isn’t something that should be done in haste. If you want to go over your current branding or get an opinion on an idea you’re thinking of going with, I’m here to help! I have lots of experience with professional branding and would love to give you some insight on what makes a noteworthy brand.


If you’re planning to DIY your website, having a seasoned pro could make a huge difference in your conversion rate. I can help guide you through the website fundamentals, platform options, and lay out the copywriting framework you’ll need to sound legit.  


Are you currently feeling like you’re being walked all over by your clients? Then it’s time to start setting boundaries. I’ve learned that prevention is key. Not only do you need a strong contract, you also need terms and conditions for easy reading. As someone who hates confrontation, I’ve embraced my boundaries and would like to share this methodology with you. 


A styled shoot can elevate your business to a whole other level.  The problem is if it’s your first, you don’t want to mess it up. So much is riding on this one experience. If you’re looking for some guidance, I’m here to assist. Together, we can go over concepts, vendor matches, and even publication ideas.


If you’re  meeting with leads but not booking them, then it’s high time we examine what’s going on. There’s a disconnect happening and you might be too close to the situation to see where the problem lies. Together, we will go through your process to solve any underlying issues.


You know you need to blog, but you’re not sure where or how to go about it. I get it! There’s a lot involved and a lot of newer wedding planners don’t realize this. If this is the direction you want to go, I’ve got lots of advice to give! Blogging is one of my passions, and I believe it’s a powerful tool all planners should be using.


Wedding management is an instrumental service that should be mastered. For many new wedding planners, this service is their bread and butter for the first year. If you’re unhappy with your management process, let's discuss it. Wedding management is my specialty!

You only get to choose one topic per session because our time is limited and we need it to count BIG time.



After our 1:1 session you’ll be skipping around and singing “Oh Happy Day” as you get to work! Because when we’re done,

  • You’ll feel confident in your next business moves. No more second guessing yourself or wishing for a magic wand to fix your business hang-ups. 
  • You’ll have all the necessary information to make the best aligned decision that’s going to help you thrive.
  • You’ll finally stop feeling alone because you have an actual, real-life person who cares about your success. 
  • It will be easy. Your passion shouldn’t be giving you stress and horrible nightmares. I want you to have fun and enjoy this journey so you can enjoy life.
  • Fear will no longer have a hold on you, stunting your growth potential,  keeping you from achieving your inner power.  

You’re going to do great things for our wedding planning community! I can’t wait to see you soar!

Yes, I’m Ready To Start


I’m Valerie, founder of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy. I’ve been there, right where you are now. Tired of doing it all alone. I wish I had had someone in my corner, invested in my success, someone who understood my industry. Sure, I had planner friends who gave good advice, but sometimes it was the blind leading the blind. I never truly felt like I had a clear-cut path for reaching my goals. There was a lot of trial and error and more failures than I like to admit. It wasn’t until years later that I got into my groove and finally felt victorious. 

I often ask myself, “What would it have been like if I did have someone to guide me?” Because I know my own journey would have been very different.

This is the whole reason I created the 1:1 Power Coaching Session. I want you to take back control of your business so you start to feel in your element. You don’t have to do it alone. I’m here to cheer you on! 

Your typical one-hour session with a wedding planner coach costs $400 to $600. Whewie!! My goal is to help newer planners get a headstart for a remarkably special price. Space is limited to 10 spots a month. Don’t delay and  join today.


Make Purchase

If you’re ready to take the plunge and just do it already, click one of the buttons on this page. Fill in your payment information, make sure you read my terms and conditions, and then click the payment button.

Watch for Email

A few minutes after purchasing, you’ll receive an email from me containing a link to my calendar.

Schedule Appointment

Once you’re looking at my calendar, go ahead and schedule the best day and time that works for you.

Fill Out a Questionnaire 

I will also ask you a few questions, which will help me plan our session more effectively and efficiently. Please take your time to answer these questions thoughtfully.

Connect Face to Face

Finally, we hop into a Zoom meeting at our scheduled time and get to work! This is a judgment-free space where we get to make magic happen. I’m a good listener and I love to help where I can.


I’m committed to your success and ready to help you create a wedding business you love. Because I want you to experience the most amazing results possible in this program, once payment has been made, there are no refunds. I have created this policy so that we are both accountable for your success. It is expected that anyone joining my 1:1 Power Coaching Session has done their due diligence before purchasing this program. However, this is my personal value-back guarantee: if you decide our time together was not fruitful, together we'll design a plan that will assist in your success for the value you paid.

"Thank you again. You really got me through the first year in this new location. When I added weddings I had no idea what I was getting into and you completely saved me. You are incredible."

-Megan, New Wedding Planner

Are you getting excited to finally feel limitless like Megan?

Remember, these spots are extremely limited and will go fast. 

Be sure to get yours today before you get a bad case of FOMO.


What if I’m unhappy with my coaching session? Can I get a refund?

I have a strict no-refund policy. You should be ready to invest the necessary time and finances to move your business to the next level. That being said, if you really thought it was a complete waste of your time, go ahead and email us at hello@engagedweddingplanneracademy.com with your completed tasks and feedback, and we’ll review your request.

What kind of support can I expect to get?

You can expect to get a follow-up email from me two weeks after our session. At this time, you’ll have an opportunity to share how your progress is going. If we need to adjust your plan, we’ll do it at this time. I understand that what works for some doesn’t work for all, and we’ll adjust the plan accordingly so you get real results. 

How easy is it to implement the action plan?

My goal for every session is to break down our implementation strategy into digestible actionable steps. Your action plan will vary depending on the direction you are seeking. In some cases, you might be expected to do a few different things at once. Don’t be scared, though. We’ll talk it through until you feel like it’s all possible.

Why is this so affordable?

I know, right? It is insane. This is because I truly want to be available for those who seek assistance in growing their business. The catch is that I have limited availability, so it’s first come, first served. Coaching sessions typically go for $400 dollars for a one-hour session, but I know that’s a LOT of money for a newly established planner. My goal is to help you achieve business success, so I want to make this knowledge as accessible as possible.

Will this work for a new wedding planner?

Yes! My coaching sessions are specifically geared towards new planners with questions related to starting a new business. This coaching session is not meant for seasoned planners who are looking to scale their business. Please make sure you’re looking for help within the parameters listed above.

Still on the fence? I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Send your questions and concerns to us at hello@engagedweddingplanneracademy.com

If you’re ready to get your wedding planner business back on track, then my 1:1 Power Coaching Session was MADE for you.

Be one of the few…

Who get to activate their wedding planner potential so you are more capable, more confident, way more business savvy.   

You deserve this! Let’s get started right now on your journey to get you over the hurdles that have you feeling stuck!