$57 FREE Course

So you’re ready to stop all that unnecessary busy work?

You know the kind. The type of work that keeps you really busy but has little value itself.

Imagine how awesome it would feel to have your wedding client’s specifics in order and all in one convenient place. A CRM system is the tool you need to make that happen. But learning this type of system can be overwhelming – truth.


In this free wedding planner business operations course, I’ll show you exactly how to use a CRM system so you can finally get an edge over your competition. I teach wedding planners who are interested in using the HoneyBook CRM system how to get set up and fully functioning in just 5 days. 

Without being overwhelmed. Rushed. Or confused. 

This course is a game changer! 

In as little as one hour a day, you can get a one-on-one experience that will help you manage all your interactions with clients, vendors, and even prospective new clients. 

I loved this free course! Straight forward information and provided the basics of Honeybook. I ended up purchasing Honeybook for the year after this course and I can’t wait to utilize Honeybook with my clients!

-Laura, Wedding Planner Owner

5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station Course

A $57 Course, NOW 100% FREE

You deserve to take on more clients without worrying about how you’ll manage it all!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to brand your account– so you can make sure all your communication and imagery represents your company.
  • How to capture leads– this is one of the most important parts of a CRM system. The faster you respond, the more likely you’ll get booked.  
  • How to create templates for efficiency– Your templates will be the key for efficient communication and a streamlined process. 
  • How to send a proposal and contract– Wow your clients with this super easy process.
  • How to create a vendor list– Give your clients vendor recommendations as soon as they book so you look like the rockstar you are!
  • How to create a timeline– Your timeline is one of the most important pieces of the wedding puzzle. Learn how to make one inside this course. 
  • How to create a workflow– My life changed once I understood how workflows are used, and I know yours will too!

And I have an extra sweet bonus for completing this course: 5 Professional Wedding Planner Badge Points so you can start your wedding planner certification process.

"Yes, Sign Me Up For This Course"

And Now to Officially Meet…

My name is Valerie Pritt. I'm a dream conqueror, confidence booster, strategic business cheerleader, and the founder of Engaged Wedding Planner Academy. For the last decade I've helped dreamers like you launch a wedding planning business without the messy, self-deprecating, mental chaos-inducing, failure psychosis new entrepreneurs are so often accustomed to. 

You deserve more! You deserve to be successful because wedding planning is your passion! You deserve to be paid for your time and the services you provide. You deserve to enjoy the life you’ve been dreaming about because it lives and breathes inside of you. It is who you are. Your DNA. Your makeup. 

I’m here to help you achieve that dream. This essential course has helped hundreds of newly vested wedding planners around the world, and it’s all yours for FREE.

Must try for all the beginners. It boosts your confidence and inspires you to go ahead.

-Osheen, Wedding Planner


More Clients, More You 

More and more, we’re finding that wedding clients are coming to expect a high degree of personalized attention. 

But how can you give personalized attention when you have multiple weddings going on at the same time?

The answer is having a CRM system that works for you and your team. HoneyBook is one of the best wedding tools out there because they are consistently updating their technology to help wedding planners like yourself make an impact with clients.

Go ahead – see the magic for yourself and join this 5-day course for FREE ($57 value). 

Systems will set you free. Are you ready to take control of your business?

I think Valerie is fantastic! Her offers are real, they have helped me build my business into one I’m excited to work on every month instead of frustrated and overwhelmed.

-Sarah, Wedding Planner Business Owner